Sid’s Stats:

Physical Form: At 30 years young, I stand at a mighty 5′ 1″ with a comfortable and soft build. My silky skin is decorated with beautiful tattoos. My mouth, studded with one lower lip piercing. My hair stays in a stylish undercut these days. I prefer my all natural form – body hair included. I typically smell of my own glorious scents mixed with natural scents like cedar or lavender.

Personality: I’m an eclectic mix of laughter, spontaneity, & wit with a healthy dose of realism. Sincere, playful, kinky, and inquisitive. I aim to inspire happiness, wholeness, and hedonism in you during our time together. I tend to be a methodical and detail oriented person which is great for planning our dream trips!

Communication Style: I deeply value direct communication. Enthusiastic consent is important to me and you’ll find that I ask lots of direct questions. I enjoy being equally as open with my thoughts, feelings, and interests. I prefer face to face interactions over texting/e-mailing any day. I am very true to my word and I expect the same from you.

Likes: Picking up new hobbies, slow museum walks, specialty coffee, house plants, sweet written notes, sour candies, neck kisses, kindness, promptness, effort, playfulness, a spirit of exploration

Dislikes: Rudeness, lateness, seafood, cold weather/water, lack of empathy, bad tippers, and being called unearned pet names like babe/baby/sweetie.


Neck: 12.5″
Bust: 33.5″
Underbust: 30.5
Waist: 29″
Hip: 35.5″
Thigh: 19.5″
Wrist: 5.75″
Ankle: 8″