For now, please rely on the rest of my site & my Twitter (@TheSidWild) to gain a sense of my personality & what I’m all about. Truthfully, the best way to get to know me is to meet me. If you *feel* like we’ll get along — book me!

Buying into my Snapchat will give you a 24/7 peek into my world! For more info on that, head to the “Show & Tell” page.


Sid’s Stats:

Physical Form: 5′ 1″ slim stature, shaved head, blue eyes, soft skin, lots of tattoos & two lip piercings.

Personality: A glorious mix of honesty, laughter, spontaneity, & wit.

Likes: Trying new food, museum walks, specialty coffee, red wine, marijuana (indicas only), house plants, gift cards to Target, HomeDepot, or grocery stores, sweet written notes, sour candies

Dislikes: Rudeness, lateness, seafood, cold weather/water, lack of empathy

Education: I have Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, Sociology, & Women and Gender Studies. I have a background in crisis intervention, LGBTQ & Sexual Health Education, and other human focused work.

Sizes: Clothing sizes small to medium, shoe size 7, I don’t typically wear bras or jewelry. Please inquire for specific body measurements & brands I prefer.

Who I See: In short, I see ALL types of humans. I am happy to see Women, Men, NB & Trans Humans, People of Color, Humans w/ Disabilities, Couples/Groups, & humans of all ages over 21! I will refuse to see you if you are vulgar, rude, or otherwise cross my boundaries.