Sid’s COVID Safety Measures

Simply stated, my health is my livelihood. As a self employed person, I currently do not have health insurance so falling ill would be both physically and financially impactful. I am also a very cautious, methodical person and feel no need to rush risking my health (or yours). Below is a thorough description of how I am managing to stay safe and healthy, both for my sake and yours.

I ask that you review my safety measures in detail. In order to meet, I need to know you are currently operating similarly – or would be willing to in the days leading up to our date. Please do discuss with me any concerns or otherwise you may have. I would expect our date to also comply with these guidelines – favoring private indoor activities, socially distant or mask on outdoor activities, ect.


  • I monitor my health for COVID symptoms daily, including taking my temperature at least once a day.
  • I do not leave my house for non-essential activities. I do leave for groceries, outdoor exercise, necessary errands, necessary low-risk travel, ect.
  • When I leave the house, I always wear a mask that covers my nose and mouth.
  • I keep my distance from others when out of the house. If I am personally greeting someone, I use lower risk contact, such as elbow bumps instead of handshakes.
  • I have reduced the people I visit with personally to a very small circle of humans who are following similar protocols as I am, including not seeing each other for 5+days after we’ve had intimate contact with people outside that circle.
  • I am not participating in activities that were previously unavailable during official lockdowns – restaurants, salons, massages, ect. Entertainment activities are either in my home or outdoors in non-crowded places.
  • I wash my hands frequently and disinfect my home/car often. 

While Traveling

  • I treat my car as my “home base” while traveling, only exiting for essential or low-risk activities. I keep disinfecting wipes and an alcohol solution in my car to disinfect all surfaces and items after getting out of the car, every time.
  • I follow all daily guidelines listed above while traveling.
  • I only make essential stops. I plan ahead with food in my car to reduce the stops I make to gas stations and overnight stops only.
  • When needing to stop overnight, I make sure to disinfect surfaces in the space I stop at and do my best to ensure that the place I’m staying is private with good cleaning protocols.
  • I’m currently only traveling via car as it is, in my opinion, the most low risk option due to the ability to stay socially distant from others.


  • As of 6/23/20:
    • Active COVID testing: Negative
    • Antibody Testing: Negative ( 6/11/19)
    • Please note that testing positive for antibodies does NOT mean you are immune. There is still too much unknown about this to rely on a positive antibody test as a safety measure. I get tested for information sake only, as should you.
  • I am open to being tested again for active COVID if it makes you feel safer. Please speak up if so. I plan to be tested about twice a month.
  • I won’t be repeating the antibody test unless I develop symptoms, get a positive active COVID result, or feel it pertinent to do so.

On Cancelling

  • I want to make sure that our health and safety is at the forefront of our concerns.
  • If at any point leading up to our date you or I develop symptoms, come in direct contact with someone actively infected, or otherwise experience something that may have put us at higher risk, I expect us to be honest and up front with that information.
  • I will NOT be charging any cancellation fee – I don’t want to encourage “pushing through” or ignoring symptoms because there’s money on the line.
  • If we do have to cancel and I’ve already started traveling, I expect some assistance in recouping that cost, which is low. Anything beyond that is welcomed but not expected. I’m leaning into us both being Good Humans to each other here.
  • If at any point either one of us becomes uncomfortable with the other’s safety practices, I expect an honest discussion and fair cancellation. I encourage open and honest discussion about this as often as we’d like. NO SHAME WELCOME