Sid’s COVID Safety Measures

My health is my livelihood. As a self employed person falling ill would be both physically and financially harmful. I’m also a very cautious, methodical human in general and feel no need to rush risking my health or yours. Below is a thorough description of how I am managing to stay safe and healthy.

Please review my safety measures in detail. Please discuss with me any concerns or questions you may have. I would expect our date to also comply with these guidelines – favoring private indoor activities and socially distant or mask on outdoor activities, ect.


  • I monitor my health for COVID symptoms daily.
  • When I leave the house, I wear a mask that covers my nose and mouth.
  • I keep my distance from others when out of the house.
  • I have reduced the people I visit with personally to a very small circle of humans who are following similar protocols as I am.
  • I am participating in low-risk activities that avoid large crowds and gathering indoors, with or without masks on. This includes eating indoors, concerts, ect. I’m happy to eat on open-air patios as well as visit indoor events that enforce mask wearing and allow for social distancing.
  • I wash my hands frequently and disinfect my home often. 


  • I am fully vaccinated and boosted. I will continue to get boosters as they are available.
  • I will prioritize meeting with people who have also chosen to get vaccinated. If you are unable to be vaccinated, it does not necessarily disqualify you – please let me know so we can plan safely.
    • If you are not getting the vaccine due to political, moral, or “scientific” reasons, I assure you we aren’t a good match.
  • I plan to be tested any time I have a concern of exposure OR it is requested for our meeting.

On Cancelling

  • If at any point leading up to our date you or I develop symptoms, come in direct contact with someone actively infected, or otherwise experience something that may have put us at higher risk, I expect us to be honest and up front with that information.
  • I will not be charging any cancellation fee – I don’t want to encourage “pushing through” or ignoring symptoms because there’s money on the line.
  • If we do have to cancel and I’ve already started traveling, I do expect assistance in recouping that cost, at minimum. I ask to be paid in part or total for our cancelled date if you are able. I’m leaning into us both being Good Humans to each other here, based on circumstances.
  • If at any point either one of us becomes uncomfortable with the other’s safety practices, I expect an honest discussion and fair cancellation. I encourage open and honest discussion about this as often as we’d like.