This page serves as a running document of date ideas, bucket list activities, and fun destinations I’m interested in. This page does NOT serve as an exhaustive list – just like you, I am a multitudinous human being & have many interests. If you have an idea that’s not listed here, chat with me!

I do not have social rates unless otherwise noted. If a date lists social rates, those rates replace my regular rates for the duration of the event & require a 2hr booking minimum ($550). Otherwise, please plan to book me for enough time to include said activity.

Always Excited For…

  • Food – I love food. Cooking it, eating it, experiencing it with fellow humans… all of it! I love everything from the local hole in the wall to a fancy tasting menu. If we have the space and time, maybe you’ll let me cook for you in my undies. Let’s just eat!
  • Travel – Plane, train, road trip, boat… who cares – just get me there! I have an ID, a passport, and an itch to travel. We can do an overnight somewhere close or rendezvous in a city or country of our choosing!
  • Baseball Games (& Other Professional Sports) – I grew up watching the Saint Louis Cardinals & have a deep love for baseball. In general, though, I enjoy the energy & spirit at professional sports games and am always a sucker for stadium food. Social rate of $100/hr for game dates.
  • Water – rivers, lakes, creeks, showers, baths, tubs, spas, hot springs, waterfalls… I absolutely love being in water. I keep a low maintenance style & look so I’m always ready to hop in!
  • Tattoo or Piercing – Want to watch my pain? Should I hold your hand? Either way, let’s go for the experience of adorning our beautiful bodies! Social rate of $100/hr for this activity!
  • Movies & TV – Haters be damned, I love consuming media – films & television in particular. I will watch just about anything but have a special love for independent films, drama, comedy (not slapstick), & food related media. Let’s binge something together!
  • Volunteer or Giving Back – Let’s make & drop off survival kits to a shelter. Pick up a shift at the food bank. Pass out supplies to the local humans in need. Just show up in action for the neighbors & community we thrive from in one way or another. Social rate of $25/hr applies to these options – all to be donated to whomever we’re working with.

Colorado Specific

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  • Rockies Games! I look way too cute in my short shorts, thigh high purple socks, & my glove in hand. Social rate of $100/hr applies to game dates!
  • Weed, Baby! I’ve lived in and toured legal states for no less than 3yrs now. Whether you are a newbie looking for a knowledgeable chaperone or a tried n’ true stoner, I’ve got you! Even while touring, I typically come equipped with THC of some sort & the means to imbibe.
  • Denver Cat Cafe! I miss owning a kitty & so now I visit them while supporting local no kill shelters.
  • Denver Art Museum! There’s always something new to learn about the art & yourself while we stroll around & quietly flirt over the totally not sexually undertoned work. *wink wink*
  • Gamer Babe! I will be the first to admit that I’m not really any good at games AND I just don’t care! I talk smack with the best of em’ & love the experience even if you kick my butt. Grab the quarters & let’s go!
  • Hot Springs! Let’s slow down, leave our phones in the room, & luxuriate in some local, natural water together. Even better if we can stay on site for an evening!