Tour Your City: Not local to Me, but still want an experience? I adore traveling! All traveling requests are bespoke in pricing, as every trip is unique. I will tour most cities with just a 4hr minimum booking, deposit paid. I will plan to stay in your city for a few days & make a tour of it. (4hr min+, $950+)

Fly Me To You: Wanting an exclusive getaway? I own a passport & adore exclusive travel arrangements. With this arrangement, you are responsible for flight, accommodations, rates, & incidentals. Bring me to you or we can rendezvous in another city! (4hr min+, $950 starting)

Out of the Box Dates: There’s no need to stick with the standard dinner or museum walk for every date. Let’s think outside the box! We can be wild with a new tattoo or piercing. We can get creative at a wine & painting date. Let’s be loud, cheering on a local sports team. We can be daring on long rainforest ziplines. Let’s give back during a volunteering outing. We can learn new skills in a local cheese making class. If you can think it up, I’m probably down to do it! I’m always open to trying something new or being part of your first time experience. (No minimum, inquire about social rates)

Downtown Denver Date Night: Denver has so much to offer out on the town. I love exploring new tasting menus, laughing at comedy shows, dancing to live music, petting kittens at the local cat cafe, or creating memories with a unique event. We’ll plan an evening out on the town, ending the evening back at my spot in Capitol Hill or at a beautiful local hotel. (2hr in & 2-3hr out min, $800 + expenses)

Function/Event Date: Need a date to that family gathering, holiday party, or work function? I’m your human! I’ll utilize my conversational skills to charm all the right people. We’ll come up with a simple story about how we met & what I do, utilizing my real world education & work history. Just tell me the dress code! When our evening is over, we’ll sneak away to giggle & unwind after the events that evening.

The “Educate Me” Date: Got questions? I have answers! I’m happy to sit and answer questions about any of the following topics: LGBTQ+, Ethical Non-Monogomy/Polyamroy, Kink (practices & safety), Crisis Intervention 101, &/or Safe Sexual Health & Practices. This is NOT to say that I’m an Expert on all these topics, but rather that my background, personal life, & education provide me a well rounded basis for educating you & pointing you in the right directions. We’ll choose a calm lunch spot and start the learning! (2-3hours, $500 + lunch)