I’m a multitudinous human, just like you! Below you’ll find the random smattering of other things I offer or the links to find them. If you’re wondering if I offer something or am willing to try something related to but not seen here, please do ask (respectfully)!

All payments can be sent via Gift Card (Target, HomeDepot, American Airlines) to my non-booking e-mail TheSidWild@gmail.com – If you’d like to pay in a more radically facing way, you are welcome to forward 50% the payment on to an approved organization or human in need.




Smiles, laughter, sexy shit & more — my snapchat is BY FAR the most intimate look into my daily life & the best way to keep up with me. I typically start the day with a Good Morning you’ll soon be hooked on & post a variety of content. You are welcome to interact with what I post on my story & lightly chat. I ask that if you find yourself interacting often, you occasionally send a little $ love or support a cause I’ve talked about. $50 Lifetime Access


Videos & Photo-sets


Most videos & photo-sets can be found on my ManyVids page: https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/1001516403/SidWild/Store/Videos/

I will also take custom requests for photos and videos. In general, pricing is $3/photo & $3/min video.


Texting, Calls, & Video Chats



I prefer that we do the bulk of our connecting in person. That said, I think texting, sexting, phone calls, & video chats (both social & sexy) can be a great way to “fill the gap” so to speak. In order of preference: video, phone, & then text. For me, the ability to see your facial expressions, hear your tone of voice, and adapt with the moment is more connective & fun.

    • Video Chat:
      • 15mins – $25
      • 30mins – $40
      • 1hr – $70
      • Clock Free Chat: $150
    • Phone Calls:
      • 15mins – $20
      • 30mins – $35
      • 1hr – $65
      • Clock Free Chat: $100
    • Texting:
      • 1 hour – $70
      • 1 day, unlimited – $90
      • 1 week – $150

Period Content & Items


Did you know that most websites, no matter how explicit, consider blood of any kind to be “obscene”? It’s true! But every month my body bleeds and does so beautifully. Below is a running list of pre-made content & items I offer! Custom requests welcome.