Here lives all the info I have that you as another SW might need or want from me! If you have a questions or concern not covered here, PLEASE feel free to reach out. I only bite with consent!

Reference Info:
I am happy to give you references for clients if I am able! I should get back to you within 24hrs – if I don’t answer within that time frame, please feel free to pop in asking for an update. Please send the following info:

-Any or all information you have on the client

-Information that identifies & verifies you (aka your website, ads, social media, ect)

-Any specific questions or concerns you have

Please remember that clients will not always treat us all the same. I can give you an honest reference & hope the human treats you well. After any appt with a reference from me, I would love feedback on the client! I like knowing if they are consistent & I will have your back if things don’t go smoothly.

“Let’s work together!”
Awesome! Let’s get together for a coffee/drink/lunch/whatever to chat & flirt. I enjoy working with people I have chemistry with! This goes for content creation and companionship work. Content creation is NOT my main focus so if you are wanting to make content with me, the onus of anything post production is very on you. I am genuinely queer and am most picky about working with cis men.

“Let’s be friends!”
GREAT! I pretty much always love having new friends. Send me a text or e-mail and we will make plans to meet up!

“Will you give me advice on…?”
To the extent that I have knowledge on the subject you are asking about, I will absolutely give you advice. I won’t pretend to have knowledge I don’t have though. If you are wanting to reach out but are in fear of wasting my time, please just reach out. I believe in radical information sharing – keeping info/tips/tricks/clients/ect to myself does not, in my opinion, help me or anyone else. Get me an e-mail or text whenever!

“Can I book you?”

I would be flattered! You do enjoy 20% off my services when you  are also in the industry.