Rates, Deposit Info, Incentives, & Fees:

The world is always changing! Due to COVID-19 I’m only offering two dates per month, with an 8hr minimum booking cost. I truly adore the chance to slow down, get to know each other, and feel less rushed in our time together. If you’re worried about structuring our time together, check our my Date Ideas page for some inspiration of what our time together could include.

I’m open to traveling (via road trip) anywhere in the continental US for a minimum overnight booking + travel costs (which may include lodging or similar if the drive is multi-day).

Rates have been updated as of July 2020 – If you were on my calendar for the year and need my older rates, just text me!

  • $1800 Minimum Booking (up to 8hrs) – Just enough time to bake a sourdough loaf together if you ask nicely!
  • $2500 Overnight or Day Trip, Abbreviated (up to 12hrs)
  • $3000 Overnight or Day Trip (up to 18hrs)
  • $3500 Full Day/24hr
  • +$1000 for every 24 Hours after the first day ($500/12hr addition)
  • Clock Free “Weekend/Two Days Away” – $4500 (loosely 48hrs)
    • We meet Friday early evening & part ways on Sunday afternoon. Or maybe we meet Saturday morning & part ways Monday morning before work. Hid me away in the hotel during a mid-week work trip 0 I’ll help you unwind after a long day. Whatever the combination of days, I love the chance to unwind & slow it down. I adore the connection, conversation, and magic that happens when there’s no rush. Trust me on this one.
  • A Week of Bliss – $9,000 (up to 6 days)

    • We can travel or stay home. Business trip or pleasure filled vacation. We’ll have a week that perfectly blends planned activities, flirt filled down time, & a healthy respect for personal space when needed. Required: we must have previously met & enjoyed at least one 48hr+ date OR two overnights.

Social Dates:

    • $150/hr – While wearing masks and observing all social distancing protocols, we can take a while to connect and get out of the house for a bit together!
      • Walks through the city, grocery shopping trips, shopping for supplies for community organizations, finding a geocache, maybe be googly-eye bandits for a bit… Lot’s of things are still possible!
      • See my Date Page for more ideas!

Multiples/Couples/Groups & Duos/Trios/Ect:

  • Being with couples or multiples at a time is tantalizing and downright yummy… I’d be honored!
  • Please add $200/hr to my rates per every person involved (and please send their screening as well!)
  • When being hired for a Duo/Trio/Ect., I expect everyone in the room to be getting paid the same fee. My motto here is, “highest rate in the room is the rate for everyone”
    • I love being hired alongside other companions! I can offer suggestions of others I work with & am always happy making new friends with a bit of communication & planning 😉

Deposit Information:

  • All initial bookings require a 20% deposit. If you’ve booked with me before, this is waived.
  • Deposits can be sent in the following ways:
    • Gift Cards to places listed (inquire for e-mail)
      • Uber, Target, American Express, Vanilla Visa, Tryst Credits, or a selection of local places (please inquire)
    • Cash via snail-mail (inquire for address)
    • A Donation to a SW Organization (inquire for list of orgs)
    • Funds sent to a human in need (inquire for suggested human)
  • All deposits are non-refundable and do count towards your total payment.

Cancellation Fee:

Life happens sometimes, I get it. The key to cancelling is doing so with promptness, communication, and respect. This is my career and income, so cancellations deeply impact my life & livelihood. Extreme situations will always be considered, as I do have a human heart.

  • Less than 24hr – 30% of total fee
  • No Call No Show – 70% of total fee
  • What about COVID-19, other illnesses, or emergencies?
    • As we approach the day of our date, I expect you’ll be monitoring your health as closely as I am, including who you are around. If you feel that we need to cancel or reschedule due to symptoms of or exposure to COVID-19, please just tell me up front, as soon as possible. We will work out the planning, but safety is paramount.
    • I will not charge a cancellation fee if you are cancelling for reasons that are truly beyond your control and/or are in the interest of our health and safety.
  • What if I don’t pay it?
    • That’s certainly your choice. If you choose not to, do NOT expect to book with me (or others insofar as I can help it) in the future.