I’m moving this April and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Due to some circumstances out of my control, I’m taking the leap to Chicago this year instead of waiting until 2022. This move will take all the resources I have available but it will be worth it. Chicago, here I come!

In place of my typical wish list, I’ve created this one to reflect my needs & wants for this upcoming life change. I am so grateful for the love and support I receive from the humans in my world, both near and far – my life would not be the what it is without you. Thank you!

Please check in with me prior to sending anything to make sure it’s the best investment for us both in that moment. Thank you! (sidwild@protonmail.com or text 303-359-5278)

  • Specific Bills:
    • One Month’s Bills – $2,000
      • Cover my living expenses? YES! You can contribute some or all on a one-time or monthly basis.
  • Gift Cards – to help with the move, settling in, and making my new space feel like home.
    • Click the bold names for direct links!
    • Visa– funds to spend as I see fit.
    • Etsy – a chance to shop small
    • Garden Chicago – For seeds, plants, & growing gear – I have a lot more windows to fill!
    • UberEats – why worry about cooking during Move Week?
    • Target – for the odds and ends

This will be updated as my needs change. Last Update: 5/18/21