Rates, Deposit Info, Incentives, & Fees:

I always recommend that we start with a 2hr+ meeting if you are able, so there is time to introduce ourselves and get comfortable. I love extended dates (3hrs+) that include a social outing but am never upset with shorter appointments. I do ask that you take socializing, eating, & sleeping into account when booking (or be prepared w/ cash to extend!).

Rates are for incall & outcall:

  • $250 30mins – ONLY for returning clients!
  • $350 1hr
  • $450 1.5hrs
  • $550 2hrs
  • $750 3hrs
  • $950 4hrs
    • +$200 every hr or $100 every 30mins … through 9hrs

Extended & Full Day Rates:

  • 9-11hrs $2,000
  • 12-14hrs $2,200
  • 15-17hrs $2,400
  • 18-20hrs $2,600
  • 21-23hrs $2,800
  • $3000/24hr
  • $1500/day after


  • Who says less is more? Let’s get together!
  • Please add $100/hr to my rates per every extra human. ALL humans will need to be screened.

Fly Me to You:

  • Craving an exclusive rendezvous? Me too!
  • Your costs: flight, lodging, & 4hr minimum booking
  • Benefits: I need minimal notice & am all yours while I’m there!

Sponsor a Tour:

  • Wishing I’d visit your city sometime soon? I adore touring!
  • Your costs: 4hr minimum booking
  • Benefits: I’m in your city for a few days, lower investment cost

Deposit Information:

  • All initial bookings require a $50-$100 deposit (or 20% if over 4hrs).
  • Deposits can be sent in the following ways:
    • Amazon Gift Card (inquire for e-mail)
    • Venmo App (inquire for handle)
    • Cash via snail-mail (inquire for address)
  • All deposits are non-refundable and do count towards your total payment.

Incentives & Discounts:

  • Book 2+hrs & I’ll add 30-45mins complimentary!
  • Book 4+hrs & I’ll add 1hr complimentary!
  • See above for over 8hr – they are packaged up and heavily discounted!
  • If you are a human who lives under the description of any of the following, please inquire about ~20% off our scheduled encounter: LGBTQIAA+ (you get me), have a disability &/or are Disabled, a current or former Sex Worker, or a woman (wom, womyn, womxn, ect).

*Packages & Pre-Planned Dates are on “Dates & Packages” Page*

Cancellation Fee:

Life happens sometimes, I get it. The key to cancelling is doing so with promptness, communication, and respect. This is my career and income, so cancellations deeply impact my life & livelihood. Extreme situations will always be considered, as I do have a human heart.

  • 24hrs+ Notice – No Fee! It’s a bummer you need to cancel and I would LOVE a small compensation fee if you are able ($50-$100 or gift cards are always a sweet surprise!).
  • Less than 24hr:
    • 12hr+ Notice – 20% fee
    • 4hr Notice – 30% fee
    • 2hr Notice – 50% fee
    • Less than 2hr notice OR No Call No Show – 70% fee
  • What if I’m a regular?
    • I expect you to follow these guidelines as well. Planning ahead and sticking to my schedule is important to me. Adhering to this shows me that you value Me, my time, business, & livelihood.
  • What if I don’t pay it?
    • That’s certainly your choice. If you choose not to, do NOT expect to book with me in the future.
    • I will plan to blacklist you everywhere available to protect other humans in the industry, as cancellations and unpaid fees are harmful to our businesses and livelihoods.