Due to COVID-19 I am only available twice a month for intimate meetings to allow for a minimum of 14 days between bookings. These have been booked for the year. My calendar for 2021 will open around September/October. Be ready!

As of now, I am only offering social dates. I’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to my suitors who were on the ball & planned ahead with me. I can’t express how secure it makes me feel to have my year booked out like this – it’s magical. THANK YOU!

If any opening for intimate meetings become available, they will be posted here. I will start considering 2021 dates around September/October and will make an announcement on Twitter when those open.

August: Only Social Dates Available

September: Only Social Dates Available

October: Only Social Dates Available – Chicago & Denver

CHICAGO: Social Dates Only, October 11th, 12th, 13th

Must be booked no later than end of September!

November: Only Social Dates Available

December: Only Social Dates Available

Last Updated: 6/20/20