Due to COVID-19 I am only available twice a month to allow for a minimum of 14 days between bookings. My minimum booking cost is 8 hours ($1800). I also offer social dates and digital connections. I am based in Denver for the remainder of the year unless otherwise announced. I’m happy to road-trip (with you or separately) for a minimum of an overnight booking.

June: Unavailable.


Beginning of Month: 10th & 11th Available

The 11th is my birthday! I’d much prefer a 48hr+ booking for this

End of Month: Unavailable


Beginning of Month: 8th & 9th available

End of Month: Unavailable


Beginning Of Month: 5th through 12th Available

End of Month: Unavailable


Beginning of Month: 9th & 10th Available

End of Month: Unavailable


Beginning of Month: 6th & 7th Available

End of Month: Unavailable


Beginning of Month: 5th through 17th Available

End of Month: Unavailable


*If this schedule seems off, delayed, or just not quite right please check my Twitter. I truly am a one-woman show over here — CEO, HR, Travel Agent, Secretary, & The Talent all in one. Sometimes I forget to update this 😉