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      • Optional: Any social media links, board handles, or other information you’d like to provide.
      • Optional: previous provider references (please check with them first)
    • Ultimately, more information always helps me feel extra comfortable meeting you.


When reaching out to me, please be sure to do so in a professional, friendly, & respectful manner. I won’t tolerate rudeness or boundary pushing.


  • Do not use pet names or be playfully rude if we have not built that familiarity. My name is Sid, please.
  • Don’t use explicit language, coded language, acronyms, or the like. We will have plenty of time to talk through our mutual interests when we meet.
  • Don’t haggle, argue, or otherwise try to evade my screening process and/or rates. It’s unprofessional and rude. If my process is too much for you, please politely move along.
  • Don’t hope, push, hint at, or ask if we can/will spend time “off the clock”. Please. It’s not attainable or available.


  • Ask any respectful and specific questions you might have!
  • Show your personality! Make an effort! I will ALWAYS notice effort.
  • Send ALL your information, up front, without squabble.
  • Send a little gift card with your initial e-mail to grab my attention even faster!