I’m so glad you want to spend time with me!

For both of our safety & peace of mind, I do ask for personal information. All information is deleted after I verify it. If you feel that my screening process is too invasive, feel free to find a companion who screens to your comfort level – I will not meet strangers under any circumstance.

Please send the following information to one of my secure options, listed below. These options are also FREE to you and will ensure end to end encryption of our communication. Check em’ out!

ProtonMail Email: SidWild@protonmail.com

Signal Messaging App (Text): 303-359-5278

  1. An introduction:
    • Say Hello & give me a little about yourself.
      • Stuck? Tell me what drew you to Me in the first place!
    • Let me know where (or via who) you found me.
    • This is NOT the time for explicit language, requests, or the like.
  2. Screening Requirements:
    • Photo of State ID
      • If you don’t want to send your ID, you may send professional work verification AND 2 provider references in it’s place. The below information is still required!
    • Recent photo – a selfie works perfectly!
    • Any social media links, board handles, or other information you’d like to provide.
    • Ultimately, more information always makes me feel more comfortable than less.
  3. Logistics Information:
    • Date? Time? Duration? Incall or Outcall? Specific date package, if applicable.
    • Specific Accommodations:  smell sensitivities, can’t climb stairs, low light only, ect.
    • Last Min/Same Day Appts: I don’t love booking last second appointments, even with repeat & regular Humans. I will accommodate them as I’m able to, especially on tour! If you want me at my best, at least 24 hours notice does the trick.
      • I am NOT above being bribed with higher rates & other goodies to *attempt* to make a same day or last minute appointments work. Make it happen, Captain!

I value your privacy and need for discretion. Information is deleted as soon as it is verified. I’m always happy to provide &/or sign an NDA or similar forms, just reach out with this concern. My goal in screening is to make sure I feel comfortable meeting you, that you are who you say you are, and you are a safe person to meet.


When reaching out to me, please be sure to do so professionally, friendly, & respectfully. Sweetness begets sweetness in my book – the better you treat me along the way, the more inspired I am to treat you like royalty!


  • Use explicit language, coded language, acronyms, or the like. My twitter, switter, website, & ads should give you a good idea of what our time together is like.
  • Ask for any of the following: a “menu”, discounts, special rates, photos, my porn, or anything of the sort. I am a human being, not a used car dealership.
  • Haggle, argue, or otherwise try to evade my screening process and rates. It’s unprofessional and rude.


  • Ask respectful and specific questions.
  • Show your personality! Make an effort! I will ALWAYS notice effort.
  • Send ALL your information, up front, without squabble.