The ideal e-mail for a first booking would be a little something like this template below… don’t forget to attach the photos!

“Hi Sid!

My name is ___________. I was drawn to you because ___________. A little about me – I’m ___yrs old, live in __(city)__, and enjoy __(hobby or fun fact or introduce your pets)__. I would love to see you on ___(date)___, at __(meeting time)___, for ___(booking length)____. I would prefer if we hosted at ___(yours/mine/hotel/other)_____. I’d love a date that is ___(tone of date)____ and makes me feel ___(how you want to feel when you’re with me &/or after)____. During our time together, I would love to __(the social/food/drinks/outdoor/ect ideas or activities you have)___.

Here is all my screening information:

Full Name: _______________ (photo of ID & a recent selfie are attached!)

Place of Employment: ____________________

(optional but appreciated) Here’s my social media link(s): ________________

(optional but appreciated) Here’s my reference(s). They know you’ll be reaching out & I’ve sent them appreciation gift cards.

  • _____(Working Name & Contact Info ONLY goes here. Up to 2 references)____

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,

__(Your Name)___”